Why Should I Buy Anything Off You?

…that’s the conversation your readers and buyers are having in their heads.

So how can you build some of that trust?

– Borrow it – If you’ve got no credibility, you’re going to have to borrow it.

That means getting a snap taken with your arm around a well known author, or getting a review from them.

– Show that you know what you’re doing. – Give away free articles, coloring book images, short stories.

If you can prove to me that the content you’re giving out is worthy of my time, I’ll probably trust you enough to give you some money.

– Frequency – How much they see of you. – If you’re only in contact with your buyers once in awhile, you’re losing out.

If I’m looking for a coloring book, t-shirt, or fiction book, which am I going to choose?

Someone that’s in my email box on a regular basis?

Or someone shows up completely out of the blue?

You know it’s the first option.

Building an email list, AND keeping in touch with your list on a regular basis, helps to build that trust and takes the risk out of buying from you.

Here’s a trust building solution for you.

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