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Why You MUST Raise Your Prices

Why You MUST Raise Your Prices
Why You MUST Raise Your Prices

…imagine you wrote a non-fiction book to help people in a particular niche.

You write the book, they give you seven bucks, and you’re happy thinking you’ve helped someone solve their problem.

But have you?

Seven bucks isn’t a big commitment.

And if they don’t like your ‘You need to all these things’ talk, they’ll toss you in the bin and head off looking for someone that’s going to tell them to take it easy and everything’s OK.

So even though you thought you helped someone, that person wasn’t all that worried about fixing their problem as they didn’t want to do the work needed.

That’s the DIY (do it yourself) route.

Now imagine you took that book, expanded the exact same content into a coaching program, and raised your price a hundredfold.

For 700 bucks you’re going to work with them, side by side, as they put all that content into action and make it a part of their life.

Think that would get them a better result?

Now a part of you is probably saying ‘But that’s the same content’, that wouldn’t be right to charge more for it.’

But is that true?

In this case, you’ve actually helped someone with that problem.

in the ‘book’ case, you probably only helped 10% of those people.

In the ‘coaching’ case, you’re now helping 90% of those people. – (Nothings 100% and you’ll probably find some people will fall off the wagon even if they do get results.)

You’ve also found that the people that paid more, paid more attention to you and actually did the homework.

That’s the DWY (do it with you) route.


…imagine you took your advice, did all the steps for your client, and charged them a thousand times the price of the book?

So for $7000 you hand them the keys to a ready-made solution that they just have to step into. The problem is solved, the business is built, and there’s nothing they need to do.

You’ve now helped 99% of those people. (Again nothing’s ever one hundred percent.)

That’s the DFY (done for you) route.

Same content, but at 3 different price points.

So before you slap a number on a sales letter, or think that you’re finished just writing a book, ask yourself ‘Am I really helping someone at this price point?’

Chances are good you’re not.

And chances are good you’re giving the farm away to people that won’t do the work.

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