Why You Need To Be Careful Of Following Amazon’s Business Plan

…the other day I got an email from Ben Settle that stopped me in my tracks.

The subject line read, ‘Why Amazon’s Days Are Numbered.’

In it, Ben spoke of Jeff Bezos’ mention of how Amazon’s success could fall apart.


By only being the cheapest place in town.

Once you are, you’re at the mercy of the next bigger fish under pricing you.

Get into that battle, and it’s a race to the bottom, where no one wins.

Workers get paid lower wages, products are made cheaper, and not as well, and all of us lose.

So, what’s this got to do with you, and what can do you about it?

1 – Don’t Price Match. – Unless you’re making the same exact same content as everyone else, you shouldn’t price your work the same as anyone else does. – Most people just copy what everyone else is doing.

Just because someone is selling a book (or anything) and only making a dollar for each copy, that doesn’t mean you have to follow them into bankruptcy.

2 – Be Unique. – Put your own uniqueness on what you do. Once you do, it can’t be copied. And you can name your price.

A Tom Cruise film, is a Tom Cruise film. A James Patterson book, is a James Patterson book. There’s ton’s of actors and authors out there, but no one else is either of those people.

Same goes for you. How can you put a stamp on what you’re making? How can you put your personality into your work? What can you give away or add that can’t be found anywhere else?

If you don’t do either of the above…well …if Jeff Bezos is giving it some thought, it might be wise for you to do the same too.

Sermon over.

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