Why You Should Be Creating Book Apps

FunkyFocus / Pixabay

I’ve heard it said before, that when everybody is zigging left, you should be zagging right. So if you’re doing the same things with your books  as everyone else,  you’re probably not going to stand out. In today’s blog post I’m going to show you one way you can do that.

One way to do that is to create a book app. Not only is easy to do, even if you haven’t got any technical knowledge or never built app before, but it’s way to get yourself in front of new readers.

Here’s 5 reasons why creating a book app is worth your time  doing.

1 –  You’re not competing with everybody else. If you’re in a market that’s saturated, you’re probably stand a better chance of getting your book in front of new readers by putting it in an app.

2 –  A book app is more than just a book.  By making it interactive it can last a long time on your reader’s tablet or iPhone, long after the book has been read.

3 – You can set up push notifications  and send a message to all readers when  you’ve got a new book out.

4 – You can set up a virtual book store in the app and sell your books through it. So it’s an easy way to repurpose the books you’ve already created.

5 –  If you’re looking for ideas for a lead magnet,  a free app is a good way to do it. And even if you give it away without an opt in,  you can set an opt in page  as part of the app so you can collect email addresses at a later point.

In my case I have stumbled upon this by accident. I had been selling books in the Minecraft genre and assumed that because I was selling my books in the Apple Store and in the Kindle store I was reaching all my readers. How wrong I was. By offering the first book free in a free app, and the rest of the collection on a virtual bookshelf behind a payment wall, I was surprised to find that I was still making sales through the app for the collection.

In another case I took one of my children’s books,  and again give it away free in a free app. But rather than having a bookshelf in it,  I created puzzle pages using the characters from the book to make the app more interactive.

How successful was that app? In a short period of time it had been downloaded 3000 times on the iTunes Store. But  stupidly, I lost out on this free traffic. Why? Because I didn’t find a way to monetize the app, either with a virtual bookshelf with my other books on it,  or with some kind of advertising inside it. Had I done so, I know I would have made some money from that free app,  either in increased book sales or by adding some of those people to an email list.

So I highly recommend, if you do go ahead and create a book app, make sure you’re prepared for what could happen. Have an opt in page,  have links going back to your website,  a virtual bookshelf, or at least have some kind of banner advertising inside to make some revenue from your downloads.

If you’d like to know how to create a book app,  I recommend you should drop by Appsmoment.com and sign up for an account there. Here you’ll find only ways to create a virtual bookstore,  ways of making your app more interactive, and set up push notifications so you can always keep in contact with your  audience.

Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose and a new audience to put yourself in front of.