Why You Shouldn’t Listen To Criticism

Why You Shouldn't Listen To Criticism

…in his seminar ‘Born Rich,’ Bob Proctor tells a story about a fictitious town called ‘Dog Patch.’

In this town, there’s a group of young men called the boys at the barn.

These fellas love nothing more than putting the folks of the town down.

They make fun of their plans.

They make fun when they try new things out.

They make fun when they fail.

And generally do, what ‘Nelson’ from The Simpsons does, and just point and laugh.

Slowly over time, the criticism starts to take hold and people stop trying.

Eventually, the town dies because no one tries anymore.

Maybe that’s you right now.

Maybe you tried something and it failed, and someone’s pointed the finger?

Or maybe you’re afraid of criticism and you’re keeping your head down?

But if you allow criticism to govern your life, you’re going to have a small life.

You’re going to be a one-horse town and not the magnificent city you could be.

You can listen to the critics if you want to, but remember this, the reason they’re criticizing is to make you smaller than they are.

They want to look down on you.

But it’s from a vantage point of not having done anything with their own life.

Want to end up like ‘Dog Patch’?

It’s up to you.

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