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Why You Shouldn’t Share Your Netflix Account With Your Kids

…last night I searched Netflix for a film I was looking forward to watching.

Lo and behold, the kids had used my Netflix account instead of their own and now I’m faced with nothing but Manga recommendations and SpongeBob.

Don’t get me wrong, I like SpongeBob, but there’s a time and a place.

Now I can hear someone shouting out…

“First World Problem!”

…because that what some people do when they’re reading their emails.

I know I do…but back to the email…

Same goes with Amazon and book reviews.

Let’s face it…we are all lazy sods who rather than making up our own minds about a book…look to see what everyone else thought of it before purchasing, right?

Your eye might go from the book cover, to the description or price, but it always goes to how many stars the book has.

Low, or no score and we don’t bother grabbing a copy.

But if it has a few decent ones, we take a chance and grab a copy.

Same goes for the books you’re selling.

If you’ve got low, or no book reviews the party’s over before everyone shouts, “Surprise!”

And you’re losing out on book sales.

But there’s a way to not only get honest book reviews, but to build a list of book reviewers you can email when your next book comes out.

I talk about it here.

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