Why You’re the Worst Judge of Your Work: Let Your Audience Decide


Why You're the Worst Judge of Your Work
Why You’re the Worst Judge of Your Work

Do you remember that book you poured your heart and soul into, convinced it was destined to become a bestseller? Or perhaps that YouTube video you created, which you secretly cringed at, only to see it go viral? Well, here’s a reality check: You’re often the worst judge of your own work.

In the creative realm, whether you’re an author, a content creator, or an entrepreneur, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you alone can predict what will resonate with your audience. But the truth is, it’s your audience that ultimately decides what’s a hit and what’s a miss. In this blog post, we’ll dive into why you should embrace this idea and let your audience be the ultimate judge of your work.

1. The Illusion of Perfection:

One of the biggest mistakes creatives make is striving for perfection. You pour endless hours into refining your work, convinced that every detail must be flawless before it sees the light of day. The reality? Perfection is an elusive target, and your pursuit of it can lead to endless delays and missed opportunities.

Tip: Instead of obsessing over perfection, focus on delivering value. Create content that genuinely helps or entertains your audience. Don’t wait for everything to be flawless – get it out there, and you can always improve as you go.

2. Hidden Gems in Reject Piles:

Ever considered how many brilliant ideas have been tossed aside because they didn’t meet your personal standards? That blog post you almost deleted, the concept you dismissed as “too weird,” or the project you thought was “not good enough” – these could be your hidden gems.

Tip: Keep an open mind. What seems subpar to you might be groundbreaking to someone else. Share your work, even if you’re unsure about it. You might be surprised by the positive reception.

3. The Audience Connection:

Your audience is your compass. They have the power to transform an ordinary idea into something extraordinary. Their feedback, engagement, and reactions shape the success of your creative endeavours.

Tip: Cultivate a genuine connection with your audience. Encourage them to share their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Listen to their feedback and use it as a guiding light for future projects.

4. Fear of Failure:

The fear of putting out subpar work can be paralyzing. It’s this fear that often keeps great ideas hidden away. Remember, even the most accomplished creators have experienced failures along the way.

Tip: Embrace failure as part of the creative process. Each “failure” is a lesson that brings you closer to success. Don’t let the fear of imperfection hold you back from sharing your creations with the world.

5. Virality Surprise:

That cringe-worthy YouTube video you almost deleted? It’s a testament to the unpredictability of virality. What you perceive as imperfect might resonate deeply with a broad audience.

Tip: Don’t discard your work prematurely. Give it a chance to find its audience. Virality often defies expectations, and your “imperfect” content might just strike a chord with many.

Remember that your audience plays a pivotal role in the success of your creative endeavours. Embrace imperfection, value feedback, and be open to the possibility that what you consider subpar could be a hit in the eyes of your audience. Release your work into the world, and let your audience be the ultimate judge of what’s good and bad. After all, they’re the ones who can turn your creations into something truly remarkable.

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