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…”Me! I Couldn’t Do That!”

I don’t know if you’ve ever told anyone what you do, but if you have, you might have heard that comment.

Back when I was in my fiction phase, I heard that more than once when my books came up in conversation.

‘That’s brilliant. – And you just upload them and people buy them? Wow….I couldn’t do that.’

Now for most folks, fiction writing isn’t in their wheelhouse. – Just like me tossing myself out of a plane isn’t in mine. – But, I’m sure there were more than a few that dreamed of publishing their own book.

But before they even started, they closed that door.

Which to me is sad. 🙁

That you give up on something without even trying it.

Who knows what might have happened if they did?

Maybe they might have hated it, maybe it might have gone somewhere?

But the only person that closed off the opportunity was them.

Heck, maybe you’re doing that right now?

You’re looking around at what others are doing, and you’re throwing in the towel before the bell’s even rung.

“I couldn’t do that.”

Imagine if the younger version of you thought like that?

You’d probably be in a diaper right now, dragging yourself across the floor, unable to talk.

Thank God, you were more courageous when you were younger.

That thing you’d really like to do….you’re the only one stopping you right now.

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