Work Or Play? – It’s How You Look At It

…how do you see the thing that you do? Is it work or is it play?

If I looked at the time I’m spending to write these words, first coming up with an idea, and then pecking away on this keyboard as work, this would be a tough piece to write.

And on your side, I’m sure your Spidey sense would feel like it was written with a clenched jaw and some effort. – For some reason, it just wouldn’t have the right vibe as you’re reading that.

When I started both options were open to me.

I could have looked at this as a chore, ‘God I’ve got to write another of these things’, or I could see it as a chance to lose myself for a while and maybe help you in some way at the same time.

Reframing it as ‘fun’ means that I’m not tied up to any end result. – I hope this piece gets read, and not another article that only has tumbleweed to keep it company, but it’s not going to bother me. 

And that’s because I’m having fun right now. I’m not looking for an end result that might never come to make me feel better about myself.  And looking back to some of my best successes, there were always when I was having fun.  The times when work felt like ‘work’ were always the most miserable, the hardest to do, and the money never flowed for all the effort that I put into it.

Does that mean that everything in your life can be a Disney moment? – Maybe, if you’re on strong enough meds, but a lot of jobs aren’t always pleasant to do. 

So how do you make them fun? One good way is something I discovered from Thomas Sterner’s audiobook “The Practising Mind,” is to take yourself out of the past and future as you work.

As I’m writing this, I could lose myself in the future wondering. Is this piece going to be read? Will it be liked? Will it be a waste of my time? Each question taking me out of the moment, and coming up with questions I’ve no answer to.  

Going backwards into the past isn’t going to do me any favours either. There I’ll compare this to other pieces that flopped, criticism I got, and how long have you been writing this stuff and you’re still not flying around in a gold plated jet plane yet.

But the more I keep myself present, just focused on the next word and the clicking on the keyboard keys, the fewer distractions the past and the future have on me. – And the less it feels like work. 

So your assignment for the day, have a look at what you do.  

If it always feels like work and a chore, maybe it’s time to bring some fun into what you do.  You always have both options available to you. But the one you pick can make a big difference to your work and how stressed you feel afterwards. 

Focus on the here and now and nothing else matters.

Here’s something that‘s more like play than work, and selling your Internet search history for a profit. 

How do you do that?  

Step one is clicking on the link here and watching the full FREE video series I’ve put together for you. – What comes after that is child’s play.