Would Anyone Send A Terminator Back For You?

…the other day the trailer for the next, and ‘maybe’ final, Terminator film dropped. Showing the ole gang getting back together, to kick our future robot oppressors butt, it made me wonder about a few things.

Had I been in the shoes of Sarah Connor, knowing that I was to give birth to, and raise, the man that was going to lead an army to free us, how would I feel?

Now, sure I’d be terrified knowing that everything would be done to stop me in my tracks before all of this happened, but….out of all the women in the world, me, this low paid waitress is the one that’s going to do it?

Now you could probably pull some parallels from this and Jesus’ mom’s story, something I didn’t think about until I wrote this down, but…you …someone who’s just like everyone else…..doesn’t believe in themselves…probably questions why they’re on this planet…and suddenly you find out that you’ve got big shoes to fill, that you need to step up to the plate and swing even though you’re not ready.

Knowing this, I’m sure you’d have no problems getting out of bed. You’d read up on all the things you’d need to know. You’d keep going, knowing that even though you’re making mistakes right now, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s all going to be work it.

Unfortunately, that’s beyond all our pay grades, we’ll never see the path laid out for us. We’ll never know if the mistake we’re about to make, is going to lead to something good, or if it’s just another mistake to toss on the pile with all the others.

But what if it wasn’t?

What if you found out today that there’s a Terminator sent back by your competition? – To put a whisper in your ear and tell you to give up that you’re never make it.

How would you fight back?

How would you dig in and hold your position?

You’ll probably never meet that robotic friend, but what if you took that message to heart? That there’s a brighter future if you just keep going?

Somewhere out there there are people in the future you’re about to entertain, educate, or have as fans, but they’re relying on you to keep up the fight and keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward!

Clever Content Creation is my daily path of moving forward toward my goals.

PS – Am I a big Arnie fan…you betcha.

I mean, there’s not many seventy year olds that can get drop kicked in the back and shrug it off like they’ve been hit by a bug.