“Wouldn’t It Be Great If…”

“…the internet, social media, God-dam talent shows for aholes, everybody wants to be someone else. Nobody is happy to look in the mirror and see themselves. Then it means they don’t have to be responsible either.”

Curtis Hoyle – Punisher TV show.
Never a truer word has been said, and not the place you’d expect to find it (The Punisher on Netflix), but it’s true.

Fake people on Fakebook, fake Gurus standing beside sports car and fake girlfriends, and fake push button bright shiny objects.

It’s no wonder anyone starting out feels insignificant, that they’re the only ones making slow progress with their books or businesses.

If you read one of my earlier emails, you probably know I was going through a funk this week. I felt my progress was too slow for the work I was putting in, and I was totally frustrated.

It’s times like this I’m glad to have Mrs Mac and people like Dan Meredith and Sean Mize, for support and a pep talk.

If you don’t know either of them, Google them, and more importantly follow them.

They’re not fake…they’ll also tell you that building something worthwhile is tough, frustrating, but possible…only if you put in the work.

Since then I’ve got my head in a better place and showing up and getting back on track.

So this is me being honest with you. There will be times when things will be tough, there will be days when you want to throw it all in…I came close this week... and there will be times when you feel like you’re not good enough and being a total fake.

I suffer sometimes from imposter syndrome...I thought only me and the actor David Niven had it…but seems like others do too, I also didn’t know it had a name until recently.

That’s why it’s important to have a support system, someone you can call on when things just aren’t going your way.

If you’re in need to a chat or a pep talk..you can send me an email..or even better travel over to the WriteCome Facebook page and leave a comment on one of the posts.

I’d love to build a community of people who aren’t the the Flakebook kind, but people that want to help each other out, support each other, and be a genuine nice human being to each other.

If you’re fed up of the fakeness, click the link below and say ‘Hi.’


At the end of the day we’re all human beings trying to do our best. And who knows a few words of wisdom, support, or guidance from you, could make a big difference in someone’s life today.

Plus it’s also good karma.

PS – I still don’t have a sports car, luxury jet, or a diamond encrusted jet ski.

Sorry if I burst your bubble.