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Writers Don’t Create Bestsellers

“Writers don’t create bestsellers – readers do.” –  Rogue Hypnotist

The other day I came across a blog post on the topic of self publishing and how the lack of gatekeepers nowadays has allowed more ‘riff raff’ into the publishing world.

Now, while the writer did have a point – just because you can pick up a crayon doesn’t mean you’ve got a masterpiece of a book in you – the Rogue Hypnotist summed it up well for me.

Any success you’re going to have isn’t going to come from how good you are, but from your readers, fans, and audience.

If that wasn’t the case…

– ‘The Rock’ wouldn’t be a huge box office draw.
– ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ wouldn’t have got off the ground.
– ‘Donald Trump’ wouldn’t be in the White House.

Now you can argue with me about any of the above as having no talent, an idiot, or being brain dead, (you can mix and match the answers anyway you want ), but they’re there all the same.

For the people on the pedestals however, that’s a huge punch to the guts. Because it means that talent alone isn’t enough to get you to the top.

– There’s better actors out there than some Oscar winners.
– There’s better movies that never make a profit or break even.
– The best books don’t always become New York Times best sellers.

…..I could go on, but you get the idea.

Sure, talent and hard work is needed to get to where you want to go to, but never forget what your audience and fans can do for you.

Gather a thousand fans and it’s said that you’ll never have to work another day in your life.

So the next time you feel intimidated by someone who sneers at your naivety, lack of talent, or experience, do what I do and ignore their snobbery.

You’ve got a right to play in the sandbox of life just as much as everyone else.

‘Writers don’t create bestsellers – readers do.’

Never forget that.

….another thing that makes me smile about the pedestal people is how much they think they know. Take getting book reviews for instance.

They stupidly believe that you’ve got to pay big money to get a review from some lofty website, or critic. Because once you have that one magic 5 star review, you’re on the pig’s back.

…Enter tumbleweed, and a lack of book sales.

Me, however, I built a huge list of book reviewers and actually got a few to help me with editing my next book for free.

Was it cheeky?….yeah it was.
Was it unprofessional?…..you betcha.
Did it get the job done?…..got a lot more than one lonely review.

Book Reviews Made Easy.

PS – So get that bucket and spade of your’s out and go build the type of sandcastles you want to build.

Happy digging!

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