Writing Songs For Swimming Pools

…for any of you that know your Beatles trivia, will know that today’s blog post title came from the Fab Four.

When it came to buying things, like adding a swimming pool to the mansion, Paul and John would put their heads together and write a song to raise funds for it.

Personally, I love that idea.

For one, it gets you off your mental lazy arse to come up with an idea you can make money from.

And two, it means someone else’s paying for your trinkets, not you. – And you’re not doing it by standing in a dark alleyway with a baseball bat in hand.

The best bit, both parties walk away happy with the transaction.


…I can sense the ‘But’ excuse already rising in that head of yours…

….I can’t do that.  I wouldn’t know where to start?

Stop your excuses and watch this.

PS – And believe me, just watching this video alone will allow you to make better content than the muck that’s being flogged out there.