“You Are Here”

…ever get lost in a shopping mall?

Now, if you’re a man, you’ll do anything but look at the layout map of the store.

But, when your wife gets fed up with your pigheadedness and getting lost even more, you usually find when you look, a ‘You Are Here’ sticker.

From there it’s easy to plot where you need to go to.

Now, nowhere will you find..

You’re an idiot for getting lost’ 

You shouldn’t be let out on your own’ 

‘Really? You couldn’t find the store in this place?’ 

Or any smartass slogn. It just simply says where you are.

And yet, we look at our own lives differently.

Where we are means…

We’re dumb, stupid, a failure.

We’ll always be here and nothing will ever change.

That there’s something wrong with us.

That we should be looking at where someone else is standing and base our journey on their starting point and not our own.

But where we are is… where we are.

It’s not a finish point.

It’s not an endpoint.

It’s not a ‘Do not pass go’ point.

It’s simply where we are.

Simply a point on the map of your life.

And like leaving that map in the mall, you can move from where you are right now.

You can walk in a new direction.

You can try out a new action.

You can take your eyes off the ‘You Are Here’ place you’re on right now, plot a new point on the map, and focus there instead.

Where you are… is where you are.

Where you could be tomorrow, next week, and a year from now is up to you.

And BTW, if your wife says to look at the map, look at the map : )

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Barry J McDonald