“You Are Your Customer….Grasshopper.”

…for those of you, that got that ‘Grasshopper’ reference, well done.

For those that didn’t, it was from a TV show called Kung Fu that aired in the ’70s.

In it, the young David Carridine (a Shaolin monk) flees China for America, after his master is killed.

And during his training sessions early in his career, his master would usually beat the crap out of him and then finish with words of wisdom calling him grasshopper.

Anyway, none of that matters…it just sounded like something the master would say.

Or in this case, what the great Jim Edwards did say.

Listening to a podcast episode of his recently, he threw out this wonderful piece of advice.

‘You are your customer.’

What he meant was that you yourself, have probably come from the pool of customers you’re trying to get in front

If you write romance fiction, there’s a good chance you were an avid romance reader who then started to write it.

If you’re in the weight loss niche, there’s a good chance you had a weight problem that you overcame.

If you’re a blogger, you probably became one because you were a fan of other peoples blogs.

So what does all this mean?

It means that if you find something in a newsfeed that stops you in your tracks – related to your niche of course – then your customers would probably have the same reaction to it also.

For example, if you find yourself attracted to a certain type of message, image, or content, there’s a good chance the people that follow you, or buy from you, would also have the same reaction to it.

Another example is products you’ve bought recently.

Is there a certain person’s sales letter that makes you want to buy instantly without giving it any thought? – Suddenly
you’ve got your card in your hand and you don’t remember dipping into your wallet?

Then that’s powerful.

Study the copy and look at why it affected you.

Why did it make you want to buy that product?

What images does it conjure up in your mind as you’re reading the copy?

Write those things down.

Again, you are your customer. If those words, message, and images inspired you to click the buy button, then the
same could also help you when selling your own products to your audience. – They’re just other versions of you.

They might be the beginner version of you.

They might be the intermediate version of you.

Or they might be almost on the same level as you are.

So, study what fires you up in the newsfeeds.

What blog titles make you race over to read the full article.

And what book descriptions make you want to buy a book.

Those are all things you can use and transfer over to your business.

‘You are your customer…Grasshopper’
Like puzzles?

Your customers might like them also.

Especially ones like these…


Barry J McDonald.