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You Broke It…You Can Fix It.

…I want you to imagine a huge water pipe gushing full of water.

And this water is endless. I mean, with it you could start your own water park if you wanted to.

But you in your wisdom, start hammering on the end to slow the flow.

A little bit here, a little clamping there, and before you know it the water starts slowing down.

But instead of standing back, and saying to yourself, ‘What the hell am I doing?’

You keep going until that huge opening is now the equivalent of a straw….dribbling water at your feet.

At this point, you’d have the worst water park in the world.

But…you still come back day after day, hoping that it’ll be different. That one day there could be a chance of a lazy river that you could relax on.

You know It’s never going to happen.

That’s a lot like life.

We come into this world with huge amounts of talent, ability, and ideas, but we close it down.

I can’t do that. – ‘Clamp!’

What if I make a mistake? – ‘Clamp!’

But I’m not talented. – ‘Clamp!’

What have I got to give the world? – ‘Clamp!’

My ideas are stupid. – ‘Clamp!’

And right now, you’re looking at the trickle that life is giving you and you’re complaining about it.

And yet, you clamped off the flow.


You can grumble, like everyone else does, or you could do something different.

You could start working on that opening and start to increase the flow again.

‘I’ll give that thing a go.’

‘I won’t listen to that negative voice in my head.’

‘Why can’t I write a book too?’

‘If I make a mistake, at least I won’t be starting back at square one, I’ll have more experience for the second attempt.’

The choice is yours.

But I’m sure that childhood rubber duckie of yours would like to get back on the water at some point.

Have a good one!

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