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You Can Learn A Lot From ‘Snow’ Beer

…if I asked you for the most popular beer in the world, I’m sure I’d get a huge list of names. But I doubt ‘Snow’ beer would be one of them.

Now, while we mightn’t know it, there’s plenty of Chinese fans that do. – Hence, the most popular beer in the world.

Thing is, there’s an important lesson in that.

To be a success, you don’t need to be a household name, you only need to be known by your audience. – Anyone outside that circle doesn’t count.

Recently I’ve upped by game, for that very reason.- It’s all well and good, me writing a email a day, creating social media images, and doing the odd podcast to fill the blog with content, but if no one knows I’m here, I’m like a sheep bleating on the side of the Alps.

It’s kinda like the ….’Did you hear something?….Nah, forget it, I thought I heard something’.…response you don’t want your audience to have.

Instead you want your audience to know you exist.

And that’s why I’ve recently added blog commenting as another string to my bow.  – But only on blogs that are related to writing and self publishing.

Same thing goes for you.

You don’t need to be known by everyone, only the people that are important to you.

Just for an example, let’s take the coloring book, kids book, and planner people on my list for a change.

Where’s your audience outside Amazon?

For coloring books and kids books people, it’s the parenting blogs, the parenting magazines, the local schools, and the local paper. All places that you could be advertising your books on, giving author talks to, or providing content for, to get your name in front of that audience.

For the planner people, it’s the weight loss blogs, the parenting sites, the self help authors that you could co-create content with, or a hundred other audiences that need help with getting thoughts out of their head, or even your local bridal shop – for stressed out upcoming brides. Anything you can think of.

End of the day, it doesn’t matter where.

It just matters that your audience know you exist.

And as you’ve seen, they don’t have to be on Amazon, they’re everywhere.  You just need a little balls, and take some action, and that’s it.

Got the creative juices going?

You could also throw in a few of these to help speed things along.

PS – Victoria Beckham used to dream that she’d be as well known and as successful as ‘Daz’ – a well known laundry detergent over on this side of the pond. – I think she’s surpassed that at this stage.

Now, go out there and get popular.

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