You Can Sell Anything Online Nowadays

…when you come from a generation that existed pre-internet, it can be limiting on the ole noggin when it comes to making money online.

You think you need to sell a product.

You think you need to educate folk.

You think you need….

The younger folk though, don’t have those limits on their money making mind.

They make a twenty minute video of them playing Minecraft….and go sell merchandise to their audience.

They make a video of them opening toys … and get free toys from companies.

Heck, there’s even a cosplay girl that’s selling bottles of her used bath water for cash.

The rues of making money online are that there are none.

Look beyond your books, look beyond your planners, look beyond your video courses.

And look beyond how you deliver stuff.

You don’t have to sell on a crowded platform.

Case in point, I once used to sell books through an app I created.

Another time, I turned a kids book into a book and puzzle app…and stupidly gave away 3,000 copies of it in one week…and didn’t collect one email address.


Not one of better moments. 🙂

This though, was a better one.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Best Christmas present you could give yourself…hint! hint!