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You Can’t Argue With Idiots

…now the other day on Tik Tok, I saw an interesting video.

The creator, a man who looked as buff as any 60-year-old could get, was talking about the 10,000 step rule.

Do that amount every day and you’ll lose weight.

Thing is, as he explained, if you’re drinking a fancy latte or some other expensive coffee you’re pouring those calories down your throat.

So that effort was a waste of time.

A few days later, he came back with another video taking a pop at the people who’d taken a pop at him in his previous video.

They were idiots, hadn’t listened to his message properly and his mention of ‘you people’ wasn’t aimed at any particular race…just idiots in general.

To him, that video needed to be made.

To the folks on the other side, he was giving them more ammunition that he was an angry old man.

Both sides were dug in and would never move from their position.

And that’s a thing about arguing with idiots, fighting with book reviewers, or telling a blog commenter that they’re a gobshite.

It does nothing but raises your blood pressure.

The best use of that man’s time is to make another video and leave the complainers in his wake.

And yours too.

Not everyone’s going to like you.

Not everyone’s going to like your work.

Not everyone’s going to like your funny accent.

So why focus on them.

You weren’t here to make the world happy.

You were here to make yourself happy.

And happy people make other people happy.


…word of advice, get so busy working on your own stuff that you don’t have time to read the comments.

You can’t argue sense into an idiot’s head. – Think that’s a scientific law or something, but don’t quote me on that. 🙂

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Have a good one!

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