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You Can’t Be A Prophet In Your Home Town

You Can't Be A Prophet In Your Home Town

…now I’m not too clued up, as to who said what in the Bible, but that saying always stuck with me.

‘You can’t be a prophet in your hometown.’

You also can’t be a writer in your hometown.

Probably also not a singer.

Maybe not a great speaker.

And definitely not a millionaire.

Why not?

Well most times what we see in ourselves others can’t see.

We say we want to write a book, we get laughed at by family members.

We say that we’d like to be up on stage, we get told by friends to get our heads out of the clouds.

And sometimes you’re going to find that complete strangers on the Internet will be more supportive of you than your own family and friends.

For some, they don’t want you to get ahead, because it makes them look bad.

For others, you’re the baby of the family, the one they went to school with, or the one that’s always trying things out and hasn’t succeeded.

And that’s how they see you.

Most people fold at that point.

Because if the people around you don’t support you maybe it’s for a good reason. Like maybe you haven’t got what it takes.

So they smile weakly and nod in agreement. ‘You’re probably right.’

But what they don’t realize is sometimes the path to doing what you’d like to do is a lonely one.

There’s no cheering crowds or town parade to keep you going.

Most times it’s just you and the echo of your footsteps.

But what you will find, is that in another town, in another place, someone will love what you do and cheer for you.

Because they can see you for more than others do.

You’re their favorite writer, speaker, or love what you do.

So remember, just because you can’t be a prophet in your hometown doesn’t mean that they’re right.

It just means that they can’t see things the way you do.

Keep going!

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