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You Can’t Beat Physics, Not Even You

…there’s a saying in physics…

‘For every action there’s a equal and opposite reaction.’

Although it’s used for objects in motion, and I’ve seen a lot of it this week with cars and trucks sliding around our icy roads, it also works with people.

Take no action….get no results.

Stuff your face, sit all day on the couch, and you don’t get your six pack.

Take some action…get some results.

Get on the exercise bike coupla times a week and you get closer to your goal.

Take better action… get better results.

Learn more about what to eat, along with your cycling, and you get your six pack a lot quicker.

And it’s not just weight loss.

Anything in your life will improve if you take better actions.

Relationships….work….you name it.

If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, don’t focus on the result and call yourself an idiot, focus on the actions that got you that result.

Change them – results change.

Want better results from your self publishing?

Now I’m off to take some of my own advice ….why they’re called love handles I’ll never know.

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