You Can’t Drive Forwards By Looking Backwards

…if there’s one thing a lot of folks are waking up to right now, it’s regret.

“Why didn’t I take my business online earlier?”

“Why didn’t I work on a second, or multiple sources of income, when I had the chance?”

“Why didn’t I work harder in the past, so I could live better right now?’

Maybe…you are.

Maybe you’re regretting not doing more, pushing yourself harder, or stopping yourself from being distracted
by all the shiny objects around?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that right now.

When I look back to my time stacking shelves – 10 years – I could have gotten out of that job a lot earlier.

Kindle publishing mightn’t have been a thing in the beginning, but I could have done any number of other things.

Created training courses, coached new folks about starting an online business, done a podcast, or anything else I wanted to do.

The things that held me back…fear….and….laziness.

When everything’s going well, you never feel like pushing yourself.  There’s money coming in, times are good, and it’s always going to be that way.

But when life throws a grenade your way, it exposes all the things you could have done, but didn’t.

Now, while it’s natural to get angry with yourself, you can’t drive your life forwards if you’re looking backwards.

Those mistakes, can’t be corrected.

The only thing you can do is use this time, right now, is as a wake-up call to get serious on the goal you once had.

What was it?

To make more money?

See your books on sale?

Coach people?

Make a difference?

Maybe it’s time to dust it off and get serious about it, now when you’ve time on your hands.

Once this blows over, most people will go back to their lazy ways. Because that’s the way most people are. – And then they’ll regret that choice again in the future.

You made your mistakes.

You don’t have to repeat them.

Start today and get busy.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Fear can be a tough one to get over.  Laziness…that’s one you can control.