You Can’t Get To New York Flying Toward London

…or anywhere else for that matter.

Whatever you’re looking to do, I bet there’s a part of you whispering the opposite in your ear.

‘I’m going to be a writer’ – ‘You don’t have what it takes to be a writer.’

‘I’m going to set up a home based business’ – ‘Dream on, it’s not going to happen. Remember last time?’

‘I’m going to build an email list.’ – ‘ An email list? Who wants to hear from you?’

Thing is, most people will tell you that it’s easy, just follow step one, two and three and you can have what they have.


That little voice that’s whispering in your ear, has control of the wheel. And the more you fight to get control, the more it’ll pull the wheel in the opposite direction until you give up and throw in the towel.

Same goes with goal setting.

Write down that you’ll be making $1000 a week, and that silent driver will snigger at that destination.

‘Nope, that ain’t happening, buddy.’

Deep in The New Psycho-Cybernetics audio course, – you can get it free if you try out audible, – I’ve discovered that it’s better to come at your goals from another direction altogether.

Rather than looking at the end result and imagining the big bucks, or the line of fans queued up looking to sign your book, it’s better to look at the actions that would get you there.

Ask yourself, what are the actions that person would have to do to get those results? Then visualize yourself taking those actions everyday – and also doing those actions too.

(Yep, you’ve got to put in the legwork.)

The more the little driver can see you doing those actions the more it’ll agree with that.

‘Yeah, I can see that if you do those actions every day.’

Once you convince it (you) that that goal isn’t out of your grasp the less you need to fight for control of the wheel and easier you’ll find yourself getting to where you want to be.

So whatever you”re up to, if part of you is flying toward London and the other New York, I’m sure you can see that you’ll never get there.

No matter how easy anyone will tell you that it is.

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