You Can’t Have It Both Ways

You Can't Have It Both Ways
You Can’t Have It Both Ways

…a man, that was a lot clever than me, once said that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

What you put in is what you get out.

Taking that a little bit further, if you do a certain action you’ll get a certain result.

And if you copy what everyone else does, what do you know, you get the same results everyone else does.

Here’s a funny thing, everyone wants to fit in, and yet wants to be different.

People will tell you that they’re unique, that they’re different from everyone else, but the first sign of a crowd and they’ll blend right in.

If you want to be different, you’ve got to be different.

That means sticking your head above the parapet.

That means doing things that to others seem weird or in their eyes are ‘a waste of time.’

Which is ironic, coming from folks that spend the weekend lost in Netflix, or gaming their lives away,  

But you can’t live an extraordinary life doing ordinary things.

Now, most of us aren’t going to be the head of a billion-dollar corporation, or score the winning point in the dying seconds of a sports match, but you can still rise above the herd.

It doesn’t mean you’re any better than anyone else, but when you’ve only got one shot at this thing called life I think it’s worth putting a bit of effort into it.

Because as far as I know I don’t think there are any replays, but I could be wrong.  – We’ll both find that out at some stage 🙂 

So if you think you’re a little different, then be a little different.

You can’t be the same as everyone else and be different, it’s a one or other choice.

Because the actions you take for one….aren’t going to give the other’s result.

That would be like getting on a flight for Paris and hoping it lands in New York.

It ain’t gonna happen.

So….your mission should you choose it, is to pick one or the other.

And speaking of choices…here’s another one.

Becoming a member of WriteCome

Whether you join or not, that’s up to you.

But if you’re not getting ahead and expect your fairy Godmother to show up, and turn some pumpkins into a money-making business, I’ve got some New York flight tickets for ya.

Just don’t pay any attention to that big scribble over Paris.