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You Can’t Run A Marathon Chewing Bubblegum

…you’d never run a marathon fuelled by bubble gum. Because you know how that would end.

Left with nothing to run on, other than the quick rush of sugar, you’d end up on your butt on the side of  the road.

But there’s nobody in their right mind that would try to enter a marathon like that, you say.

But you see people doing it all the time.

– Watching bubblegum TV – Learning nothing worthwhile from it.

– Listening to bubblegum people. – Telling you what you want to hear and not what you should hear.

– Buying bubblegum products. – That tell you that you can make a million in 60 seconds.

And then they wonder why can’t get ahead in business, why they can’t lose weight, and aren’t living the life they want.

That’s the thing about bubblegum, it gives you that sugar rush that makes it feel good doing it. Plus you’re moving your jaws so it feels you’re eating something.

But there’s no substance in it.

So when you hit a low, don’t lose the weight, can’t get ahead in business, don’t like hearing the truth, you retreat back to the bubblegum to start all over again.

So what are you filling your head with?

What are you filling your body with?

Who are the people you’re hanging around with?

All bubblegum? Or something with substance?

Now, while you might think I’m not a fan of the ole bubblegum, I have been known to chew the odd stick or two.

And blow the odd bubble. – skills 🙂

It’s also something I didn’t use in building

Some people however, do go with the bubblegum and string method when building their sites. So when you lean on them, it all falls down around you.

WriteCome however, is a different story. You can kick that baby as hard as you  like and it’ll still stay standing.

PS – It also doesn’t get stuck in your hair, or beard, thankfully.

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