You Know It’s A Slow News Day When….

…when a dog on a train captures everyone’s attention in Ireland.

Now, if you don’t know the story, a dog called Tyson decided to see what the ‘big smoke’ was like and headed up to Dublin on the train.

Anywhere else, that probably wouldn’t register a blip on their radar. But, with all of us exhausted by Brexit (we’re leaving/we’re not leaving) it was a welcome relief.

Ireland being Ireland, it didn’t take long before the owner’s were tracked down. – Over here, everyone knows everyone, or has a relation that lives near someone you know.

Funny thing was, more than one person phoned in to claim the dog? – Weird.

Anyhoo, Tyson found his way home and we all slept better that night.

Tomorrow, it’ll be something else that will amuse us for a while. – Because we all long for something to distract and entertain us from time to time.

For some people it’s spot the difference puzzles.

Not only are they fun to do, but there’s a feeling of superiority you get when you find a missing item that no one else can see.

‘You can’t see it….but it’s right there?’

How many of us have said that at one time?

There’s a few of them right here on this sales letter.

Can you spot them all?

PS – I’m not going to tell you how many are in each picture, just to frustrate you even more.