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You Know When You’ve Made It When…

…you follow a web link and find someone giving away one of your products for free.

Yep, bold as brass, ‘Download your free copy of Article Cash now.’

At first I was pissed, I mean here’s something I worked on and they’re giving it away free.

Then I smiled at the advice I’d given someone in the same situation a few months back…

‘Well at least they’re opening you up to a new audience.” I grinned.

Now with the boot on the other foot, that medicine doesn’t go down as smoothly.

But it’s true…they are opening me up to another audience but probably not the right one.

People who don’t invest in something usually don’t follow that advice unless they pay for it.

I know I’ve downloaded reports in the past that were free and never cracked open the cover.

That another reason why I raised the price at WriteCome.

If you look at it as a $17 a month site you’ll start to treat the information inside at that price.

But at $27 a month, it’s a more serious price and you pay more attention to what you’re losing if you don’t make use of it.

If you’ve been selling your work at bargain basement prices, it might be time to rethink what people you’re attracting to you.

Now I’m off to get a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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