You Say Morbid, I Say Deluded

…if you’ve been following me for long, you’ll know I’m a big dog lover, and walker for that matter.

Now, while there are plenty of fields about, our local forest gets more than it’s fair share of visits.

And if you go around said forest, you can’t avoid the church and graveyard that the path cuts through.

In the early days, it made me a little uncomfortable. Now, it’s just a landmark to tell me I’ve done half a lap.

Going through it, you can’t help looking at the odd gravestone and wondering what the folk six feet down were like.

Did they have a good life?

Did they do all the things they wanted to?

Or if there still regret at actions not taken?

Things put on hold until ‘some day’ came?

Staying small for fear of standing out?

Or following family traditions, because ‘that’s the way we’ve always done things around here’?

I’d imagine there’s a lot of baggage in those boxes.

Now, you can call me morbid for looking death in the eye, and admitting that even yours truly won’t be around for ever.

But if you’re not, I’d call you deluded.

Times a ticking.

And not to act on your dreams today, means you’ve got a day less to enjoy the fruits of that labor.

Even with all the technology that we have, all the advantages that those people didn’t have, there will still be people that go to the grave that haven’t even scratched the potential they’ve been given.

Writers who never wrote.

Speakers that never spoke.

And ideas never acted on.

Which to me is a crying shame.

You’re more than a name and a date on a slab of granite. – Go do something with the time you’ve got.

There’s more than enough here to get started.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Now you have a great day!  : )