You Think You’ve Heard It All?

…believe me, unless you’ve worked in a call centre, you haven’t.

I don’t know what it is with some people, but when they get talking to a stranger on the phone sometimes the weirdest conversations happen.

And sometimes you see a side of life you wouldn’t see in a sitcom.

Take for example a conversation I had with someone that used to work in one.

Here’s the conversations…

‘I need you to go and take the reading off your electricity meter, and then I can generate a bill.’

‘I’m sorry I can’t.’

‘Is it in a hard to reach place?’

‘No I was out drinking last night and I can’t remember where I put my two prosthetic legs.’


‘Yeah, I suppose you could say I’m legless.’

Ah, life.

You think you’ve heard it all, seen it all, or even know it all, and you discover it’s still got some surprises for ya.

Like the coloring creation course I’ve been bladdering on about.

I thought I knew how to do something really well with my old images.

A day later, and I found something that blew that old method out of the water.

It’s so good, I churned out 50 images in 20 minutes flat. –

I posted two of them on the sales letter here.

If you haven’t got a copy yet, you could use what I teach to sell those images to someone else.

So not only can you make money selling your own coloring books, but you could set up a nice sideline selling your images too.

Clever Coloring Creations

Nobody else is teaching this. 🙂

So you’ve already got the upper hand.