“You Want Fries With That?”

…when it comes to anything you create, a few minutes with a pen and paper can help you come up with great ideas for making more money with your books.

Especially if you think along the lines that McDonald’s does for up-selling.

You’re probably well aware of the, ‘You want fries with that?’ question you get asked at the counter.

So when it comes to your book, what can you add to it to make more money?

Does your coloring book customer want better pencils to color it in?
– Put links in your book to that Amazon page with an affiliate link.

Is your adult coloring book customer buying your book to find calmness, or to unwind?
– Put links in your book to that section on Amazon with an affiliate link.
– Or create a free e-course to build an email list.

Does you planner customer need another planner?
– Or maybe a printable for their refrigerator door to remind them to fill in their planner?
– Or maybe some stickers that they can stick in places with motivational quotes, reminders, or text taken from your planner.

Does your word search customer want to show off that they’re a die hard fan?
– What about a mug, or a t-shirt? Heck, there are even cushions with a word search on them all over at Amazon. 🙂

Can anyone else say, easy affiliate money?

Whatever you’re making, ask yourself the question, what are the fries I can add to this order?

The more little things you can add, the more profitable your books will be. And the happier your customers will be.

Want some keyword research fries with your order? Go here.

Want some bullet journal fries with your order? Go here.

Or maybe some coloring book fries? Go here.

PS – Thanks for dropping by the only McDonald’s blog worth visiting.

Now you… have a great day!

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