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‘You Want What?’ I Asked, My Face Turning Red.

…my eldest kids Matthew and Lauren were big into their movies when they were small.

Well, they still are….but back then the VCR was always playing some kids movie on a loop.

Anyhoo… apart from their growing collection of videos, they loved a visit to the local cinema.

I’m not sure what movie I took them to that day (they were 4 and 3 at the time), but we were stood at the cinema tuck shop counter looking forward to filling ourselves with candy.

“Yes,” the teenager behind the counter asked.

I turned to Lauren. “Well, Lauren,  what do you want?”

“Cop Porn,” she smiled at me.

“You want what?” I could hear sniggering behind me.

“Cop Porn, Cop Porn,” she announced as loudly as she could.

Who knew a letter swap on pop corn could have a twist like that.

She turned 17 before Christmas but that memory is imprinted in my

That’s like keywords.

Sometimes you have an idea of what someone is typing in the search
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PS  – Of course we still tease her about it…….hey, that’s what families do, right?

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