You Won’t Achieve Much From The Bathtub

I’d like to give the great Randy Gage – – full credit for today’s blog post.

…I don’t know about you, but one of the things I love about hotels is the bathtub.

When it’s filled to the brim, with bubbles up to your chin, there’s nothing quite like it.

There you’re safe, can sing your little heart out, and no one cares about what you do.

But being in a tub get’s a little cramped after a while.

Now a swimming pool, that’s a different story.

There you can stretch out, get some exercise, but you’re a little more self-conscious of yourself and what you do.

But like the tub, there’s only so much you can do before boredom strikes again.

Now the ocean, that’s a different story.

Going there is more challenging,  but it does give you more room to move around. – Throw on an oxygen bottle tank and a pair of flippers and you can explore even further.

But most of us settle for the bathtub.

The pool, and especially the ocean, are off-limits.

And yet, that’s where the most fun is. The latter gives us more ability to do and see things we wouldn’t be able to do in the tub.

But each one is a bigger challenge.

We worry about what other people think of us, and our swimming ability is put to the test.

We worry that our swimming costume might be a little too snug, and what if we go out of our depth and have to get pulled ashore by the lifeguard?

Those fears keep in the bathtub.

We sit by the poolside and watch longingly at those that play there and wish we were that brave.

We switch on the TV and watch the wonders of the ocean from our safe space and wonder what it must be like to see those marvels for ourselves.

The bathtub is safe, but there’s very little you’ll achieve staying in it.

Whatever you’re looking to do, you can be guaranteed it’s going to involve going into deeper water for it.

My biggest mistake was staying in the shallow end. From there I stupidly thought I could achieve what I wanted and still stay in my comfort zone. – I was kidding myself. 

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