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You’ll Always Be A Fool….Always!

You'll Always Be A Fool....Always!
You’ll Always Be A Fool….Always!

….nobody likes being a fool.

Take, for example, the first time I asked a girl to go out with me.

Walking into a classroom with my best friend for support, I went over to where she was sitting with her friend, and after a few awkward minutes, I asked her out.

‘No, thanks.’

Even now, I can still remember how long of a walk it seemed to the door. – All the while trying to play it cool.  : ) 

Or then there was time I asked a nurse if she was going to give me some numbing cream before she put the needle in.

She looked me dead in the eye, and roared out laughing.

‘We stop giving you that when you’re twelve.’

Again, I couldn’t get to the door and freedom fast enough.

So yeah, no one likes being a fool.

But the thing is, you’ll always be one.

Especially if you’re about to do something you’ve never done before.

You’ll make a fool out of yourself on your first video.

You’ll make a fool out of yourself writing your first book.

You’ll make a fool out of yourself creating your first product.

Most people don’t like being a fool, and that’s why most people will run from what you’re about to do.

That’s why most people don’t make videos, write books, record podcasts, or do anything worthwhile with their lives.

You’ll always be a fool in the beginning, but that’s just a starting point, not a destination.

Now, if there’s one way you can prevent yourself from doing something foolish it’s this.

Finding out what books people want before you make them.

There’s nothing worse than writing or creating a book that no one wants.

Here’s how to reduce your chances of failure now.

And you’ll be a bigger fool for not picking it up when it’s 30 bucks cheaper too.  : ) 

Now I’m off to make another fool of myself.

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