You’ll Never Read This On A Sales Letter

You'll Never Read This On A Sales Letter
You’ll Never Read This On A Sales Letter

…I’m 100% certain you’ve never read the following on a sales letter.

‘YOU…are your business.’

What do I mean by that?

Well, I can sell you the best product but if you don’t believe in it, and more importantly yourself, you’ll never use it.

Your business and what you do each day are controlled by that six-inch space between your ears.

If you don’t believe you can write a book, congratulations you’ll act out that part.

If you don’t believe you’ll earn a penny online, that’s right, you never will.

And if I gave you a gold bar or a sports car, the person you are right now wouldn’t believe you’re worthy of having either.

Or you’ll believe that things shouldn’t come this easy and you’ll either lose the gold bar, or crash the car so they’re not in your life anymore.

Back in my MLM days, I used to hear people say things like ‘When YOU grow, your business will grow.’

And like most people at the meeting, I’d nod along but the message would pass me by.

It’s only years later that I can see that it’s so true.

You are your business.

It’s not WordPress, it’s not Amazon, it’s not the WarriorPlus site, it’s not that piece of software, it’s you.

If I took you out of your business right now, and slotted one else in, that business would produce a different result.

Maybe better, or maybe worse. – But it would be different from what you’re getting.

So before you go cursing Amazon because it’s too competitive, or that making money online is a lie, or that everyone you buy products off is a crook and you can’t trust anyone, all those actions and decisions were made by you.

You chose a competitive niche, you hang around with people that never stick with one thing long enough to make money, and you aren’t listening to that little voice that’s telling you not to buy another product of that guy because he ripped you off before.

All of that was YOU.

YOU…are your business.

Never forget that.

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