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Your Lack Of Promotion Is Very Worrying

Your Lack Of Promotion Is Very Worrying
Your Lack Of Promotion Is Very Worrying

…back in my MLM days (yes, I was one of those people), I used to sell weight-loss products.

Having come out of another business, where I used to sell vitamins and minerals, I’d presumed what I’d be taught by my upline would be the same. – I was way off.

Going to my first meeting with my wife Catherine, I looked around at the cars in the car park.  Most either have leaflets promoting the products in their window, or huge slogans stenciled on the side.

A minivan in the middle of the car park stood out like a sore thumb.  No matter what angle you looked at it, you were met with something that promoted losing weight.

Later that night, I found that van was owned by Michael.

After listening to his story about his wife, who was weeks away from dying from obesity, and then recovered using the products, it wasn’t hard to understand why his minivan was the way it was.

He was committed to the products. – Any chance he had, he was telling people their story and how the products had helped them.

What about you?

What results are your products going to give someone?

So why aren’t you promoting them?

If you’re not, my guess it’s because of one of these two reasons.

1 – You’re as shy as a wallflower.

You’re afraid to attract attention to yourself. And you believe that at some point someone is going to stumble upon you and buy your product. – It ain’t gonna happen. As the great Dan Meredith once said, ‘ Shy kids don’t get sweets.’

2 – You don’t believe in what you’re selling.

Now, that may be because you’re just in it for the cash, are selling someone else’s product, or jumping on the same bandwagon as everyone else is. – Again, it ain’t gonna work. People can sense that a mile away. If you can’t convince yourself that what you’re selling is good, how can you convince anyone else that it is?

After a few weeks of seeing how the weight loss products transformed people in our area, it wasn’t long before I was sold too.

I also didn’t ‘gulp’ when asking for money for them either, because I knew they could transform lives.

And that’s why I’m here most days and have no problem asking for a sale.

Because self-promotion isn’t hard when you believe in what you’re selling. – It also doesn’t feel sleazy either.

It only feels that way when you know you shouldn’t be selling what you’re selling.

Afraid to stand up on your soapbox?

Maybe it’s time to take a look at what you’re selling.

Class dismissed!

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