Your Sat Nav Is Rotting Your Brain….

…be honest now….if you’re going to Grandma’s house or to the restaurant you go to every week….do you still fire up the sat nav and let her guide you there?

You don’t? Good…there’s still hope for you.

For you others, you’ll have the brain capacity of a house fly in a few years.

Seems sat navs, when used like this, shut down portions of your brain.

These parts are the parts your brain uses to solve problems.

Dan Kennedy said, in a recent podcast I listened to, that he reckons that app
companies know this and are the new Tobacco mafia.

Already one app programmer came out this week, to say that they’re making them to be addictive.

Who’d have thunked it?

Dumb people addicted to mobile screens?

If you want to see how dumb some of the upcoming generation are,
you should check out some of the questions asked on

Questions like…

How many pages are there in the first Harry Potter book?

I’d love to be a writer, but I hate writing what should I do?

My answers – Look it up…and don’t write.

There was a recent product that said you should use this site to build your

Honestly, I wouldn’t want half of those people on my list.

I like to talk to thinkers and doers.

Not someone that needs to be pointed the way out of a room.

You know where some of the best thinkers and doers hang out?

That’s right….in the WriteCome membership area.

They know a bargain when they see one, and they’re busy filling their noodles
with great courses and content.

It’s the one site all brain doctors recommend. *

“I used it for two weeks and already my brain has grown twice it’s size.”
– WriteCome member **

PS – * There is no medical evidence of this, and no brain doctors were asked for any opinion.

**Again not a real testimonial.

But both would be nice.  🙂