You’re All Fart And No Poo…”

….let me tell you this, when I fart I follow through.”

Miss Pickwell – Bad Education (TV Series)
Yes, its crude. But it made me laugh out loud.

But there’s a lot of people like that, they promise that they’re going to do this and that and they never lift a finger.

And they wonder why they’re not going anywhere.

Action will always beat inaction, and sometimes the results are surprising.

Take for example a few years back when I was in the MLM trade, selling weight loss products and bottle of vitamins to anyone in a five foot radius, and posting flyers in letter boxes…yes I was one of those people.


I noticed that even if I didn’t get a phone call from the flyers that I handed out that day, something always happened.

Someone out of the blue would turn up looking for a weight loss kit.

A neighbor would ask for a bottle of vitamins when I wasn’t selling anything to them.

Or I’d get a call about an ad I posted weeks before.

It was like the ‘Big Guy’…’The Universe’…or something else was saying….”You know what, he’s trying, give him a break.’

They say that …’The harder you work the luckier you get’…and I’d agree with it.

Action will open more doors that no action.

I don’t care how many mantras you chant, or how you watch everything you think and only think positive.

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But that’s if you take action.

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