You’re An Artist, Baby!

…I was watching the show ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ last night.

If you don’t know it it’s Jerry Seinfeld going for a drive and grabbing a coffee with well known celebrities. 

Anyhoo, the two episodes I watched last night, made me aware of a few things.

For one, Kevin Hart spent 13 years plying his trade to get himself to where he is now. – Anybody that spends that long trying to make it, deserves all the success that get.

And two, this was something that Jerry Seinfeld said to Will Ferrell…

…’Anyone who makes something out of nothing and get’s someone to pay money for it, is an artist.’ …..

And it’s true.

When it comes to taking on the title of artist, I doubt there’s many here who would puff out their chest and accept being called one.

But when you think about it….what is an artist?

It’s someone that makes something that brings joy, entertains, or makes someone look at life in a new way.

Sure, you can look at Picasso, Rembrandt, and all the others and say, ‘That’s an artist!’

Thing is, most of them weren’t recognised as being one until they were worm food.

So, why wait that long?

If you’re making stuff up, pulling ideas out of nowhere, and making customers happy,  you’re an artist, end of.

You might have to wait 13 years, like Kevin Hart did, for the world to catch up and see your genius.

But why wait for the crowd?

Keep doing what you’re doing. – You’re an artist, Baby!

PS – And so am I.

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