You’re Either A Speed Bump….Or A Kink In The Hose Of Life.

“We’re collaborators with creation.” – Earl Nightingale.

Whether you’re a believer or non believer, you’ve still got to face up to the fact that we’re the equivalent of fleas on a dog’s back that’s got a fit of the zoomies.

In others words, the big stuff is kinda out of our hands. – We’re hurdling through space, there may be someone at the controls, but no one’s really sure.

Now of course, we all have our beliefs ‘for and against,’ and everyone’s welcome to them….but let’s face it, we don’t know it all.

It’s kinda like the chicken and egg story, go down that rabbit hole and you could end up like the computer at the end of the movie War Games struggling to find a solution that works.

Now me, I like to think that I’m not the cleverest person in the universe, and that someone put a coin into the Matrix arcade machine we find ourselves in. – Don’t know who, don’t know what, but there’s something out there that’s cleverer than we are.

When you accept that idea, you realize that not all the ideas that come into the noggin of yours are your own. – I might have the odd brain fart, but I can’t take credit for some of the pure gold that’s got me out of situations at times.

Take the time I was forced to quickly repair a hole in a burst copper pipe, that was quickly flooding room my room will lovely rusty hot water. – OK I was throwing a dart at the ceiling and asking for trouble – but screw in a brass wood screw?  Genius!

Or recently there, when I was repairing the washing machine and it started to make an awful racket when I spun the empty drum by hand. – I wasn’t looking forward to another hour pulling it apart to find the answer.

And in walks a random thought, ‘It’s probably the heating element you just put in, it’s probably rubbing against it.’ – And what do you know, it totally was.

We’ve all had those moments. But as Earl Nightingale said up there, when you look at yourself as being a collaborator in life you don’t need to be the cleverest one in the room…’ve simply got to ask yourself over and over (without letting yourself off the hook) How can I fix this? Make it better? Get that character out of that situation? ….And wait for an answer.

Stick with it and it’ll come.  You’re just the speed bump or kink in the hose that’s not letting it come through. – Just be ready for the weird ways it can come back to you.

Now just like making use of your head, you’re probably only making use of five percentage of your hard drive too.

I’ve got an answer to that here.

PS – Now  when I say the Matrix, I mean the first one…the other two ….well just be grateful we’re not in either of those ones.