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You’re Never Too Big To Take A Fall

….it’s funny that we think that because something is so big it can never take a fall….but it happens.

Take for example, an airline company on this side of the pond.

Ryanair looked unbeatable in the European airline game.

As a budget airline company they had the market sown up.

They were also on the verge of buying up other smaller and bankrupt airlines.

Then it hit the fan.

Going from the be all and end all, the wheels came off when they had to cancel tens of thousands of flights.


The pilots had had enough of being taken for granted and started to leave in droves for other better paying jobs.

You’d think that a company in the flying game would have paid attention to their weakest link…the pilots.

Got no pilots…and you can’t fly planes.

Makes sense, right.

Harvey Weinstein is going through the same situation.

Nobody’s beyond making stupid mistakes, thinking that they’re unstoppable, or sitting back on their laurels and
taking success for granted.

It could happen to Facebook, Amazon, Google or any other of the biggies.

Who knows how or what could easily take them down?

It only takes a little corruption, a stupid marketing mistake, bad publicity and they end up in free fall.

So what does this mean for you?

What could take the wheels off your cart?

Fix them when you’re small, and close those leaks.

Build a list, spread your books far and wide, and pay attention to what could go wrong.

It might never happen.

That’s what Ryanair thought too.

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