You’re Probably A Little On The Small Size Right Now.

…you’ve got to love the Internet, and the gobshites on it, that come out with new terms that mean absolutely nothing.

Take the one I spotted this week ….Nano or Micro-Influencer.

In other words, I’m an influencer that’s hardly got an audience.

And don’t get me started on that ‘influencer’ bit, which basically means I’m leading a bunch of people that can’t think for themselves.

Now, while I’m taking the piss, most of us are a little on the ‘Nano’ size when it comes to the goal we want to achieve.

We all want the thousand readers,  dollars, or blog visitors a day, but we’re not good enough right now.

As Les Brown once said, you can’t pour a big life into a small glass.

Try and do it and you’ll only take on what you’re willing to accept, the rest will simply spill out.

– You won’t do the extra work.
– You won’t get out of your comfort zone.
– And you won’t try out new things.

Now has never been a better time to stretch out the glass you’re living in.

Whether you do or don’t, that’s your own choice, we’re all grown-ups here. But as Bob Proctor said in a recent

‘Your life may be on hold right now, but that’s because you see it that way.’

What you do in the days and weeks ahead, again is your choice. But if you’re after something big, you better make
sure you’re a bigger and better version of what you are right now.

Otherwise, it’s just going to slip through your fingers.

That’s like the competition that’s closing up this evening at 9pm. (UK time.)

The task….create a money-making product from a collection of images I gave away.

The price…any one of my products.

The number of entries…..


Yep, ZERO.

Now, I’m not going to lose sleep over this, and I’m saving myself not having to give a product away, but it does make you wonder?

“This too shall pass”

….but somethings will still remain the same.

Barry J McDonald.