You’re Showing Your Age When…

…you remember the frustration of having to rewind a VHS tape before you could watch a rented movie.

That a conversation made on a landline meant you couldn’t walk any further than the length of the cord.

That having a beeper meant that you were ‘da man’ or ‘da woman.’

And that your music collection relied heavily on taping stuff off the TV.

Ah…. those were that days!

But to kids nowadays that’s sooo yesterday. They also can’t believe that we did those things.

There’s also not many companies that both generations know, other than Coca Cola and McDonalds.

It might be different in the U.S, but on this side of the pond, there aren’t many.

Thing is…both big companies still advertise like crazy to keep their businesses fresh in customers and upcoming customers minds.

Ask any five year old who Elvis or the Beatles were and they’ll look at you in confusion.

Ask them who Coke or Mickey D’s are and they’ll know both.

It’s like that with you and your readers.

If you’re not constantly keeping in touch with them, you’ll vanish into oblivion quicker than Elvis’s pelvis.

If on the other hand, you want to stay fresh in your readers minds….go here.

Would you remember me in two weeks time?

Think your fans will either?