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You’ve Got This The Wrong Way Around

…how do I know, because I used to have it the wrong way around too.

What am I talking about?

It’s beliefs and actions.

When I believe I can be a writer….I’ll write a book.

When I believe I’m confident enough to hold my phone to my face and record videos…I’ll record videos.

And what we do is buy a ton of books on writing…

…watch a ton of videos on how to record videos…

…and wait until we’ve got enough belief so we can start.

That never works.

What works, is putting action before beliefs.

Start writing and you’ll find that your belief in yourself will grow and you’ll see yourself able to write a book.

Start recording videos, and you’ll find your belief in yourself will grow to the point where you can record a video at a moment’s notice.

Want to build belief in yourself?

Do the thing now and pick up the belief along the way.

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