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Zombies Are Always Attracted To The Numbers

Zombies Are Always Attracted To The Numbers
Zombies Are Always Attracted To The Numbers

…when it comes to big numbers, there are some people that common sense goes out the window with them.

A prime example of this is an email I got yesterday from a well-known Internet marketer.

‘Give me $37 and I’ll give you 5,000 web visitors.’

Now, the ‘number zombies’ are probably all over that deal. 

They see the 5,000 web visitors and that’s it.

And in their heads, they’re already counting the commission cheques.

But they don’t ask themselves, I wonder where that traffics coming from?

I wonder why these people are online? – Is it for entertainment or do they have problems I can solve?


That part of their head hasn’t even clicked into gear. 

They’re the same folks that drool at a Facebook page that’s got ten thousand followers, or when someone brags about owning an email list with twenty thousand subscribers.

It’s all numbers for them, and the bigger the number the more excited they get. 

But what these folks don’t realize it’s not the big numbers, it’s the smaller numbers that matter. 

It’s not the ten thousand visitors that visit your site each day, it’s what you gather through your opt-in page.

It’s not the huge email list you have, it’s the number of subscribers that actually open your emails.

It’s not the million dollars you made, it’s what you kept after you paid off all your affiliates and paid back your refunds, that’s more important.

Those numbers are smaller, but that’s where the truth is. 

That’s why I’ve no problem bragging about a small email list. 

It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it. : )

Now while we’re on the topic of size, what you get for your money as a WriteCome member is huge. 

Whether you want to join or not, is up to you.

But stop paying attention to the big numbers that are thrown around and focus on the smaller ones instead. 

That’s where the truth is.

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