What Do You Do When No One’s Looking?

…because what you do says a lot about you.

Take social media as an example.

Right now I could go to most platforms and find people who are publicly declaring how much they’re ‘hustling.’

I always say that if they were, they wouldn’t have time to write on social media.

And quite frankly, I couldn’t care a jot about how much your hustling, killing it, nailing it, or a million other things you call it.

It’s what you do when no one’s looking that matters.

It’s getting up early to write that no one knows about.

It’s giving to charity without looking for a like or a share.

It’s taking a walk everyday, even in the rain, and not being a fair weather walker with your day glow spandex, or being a weekend warrior.

If you need, or are looking for, public praise to keep you going, you’re screwed.

It’s what you do in private, that the public will praise you, and pay you money for in the future.

Working on your own in private can be tough. It can be tough to keep going when no one knows what you’re going through.  Keep going.

Your day in the sun will come.

And when it does, don’t be surprised when those weekend warriors, and Facebook posters aren’t anywhere to be seen.

Keep going.

But if you do darken the door of social media, and are creating content to make a difference in people’s lives, other than looking for a virtual high five, then you might want to get your hands on my social media tool kit.

You can out more about it here. 

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